Malaysian hair with brazilian hair comparing

Malaysian hair is named from its nation of starting point, Malaysia. Malaysia is situated in the Southeastern Asia, close Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippines. Malaysian hair is gathered from the sanctuaries of Malaysia where ladies give their hair as a major aspect of a function that avows their profound duty to the divine beings. Despite the fact that this practice is basic, it is not as basic in Malaysia as in numerous different nations, for example, India. This makes the cost of Malaysian hair higher than numerous different sorts of hair in light of the fact that it is not as promptly accessible. Malaysian Hair is heavier, thicker and more thick than Indian hair, furthermore not as sparkly and has a more full body. It has delicate and smooth composition, it waves somewhat when wet. Obviously, we just offer a hundred percent Virgin Hair. Malaysian hair at first can show up unnecessarily gleaming yet after the initial 213 washes the sparkle decreases extensively to tackle a more normal appearance. Twists won’t extricate or drop with time yet keep up their structure for the whole day. No item is required to keep up the twist. Abstain from utilizing too oil shower on this hair as it will make the hair extremely sparkling.
fashion hair line
Brazilian hair contributors don’t experience a profound custom while giving their hair. Brazilian hair is for the most part gathered from contributors who are paid in return for their sound and lovely hair. This hair is frequently viewed as a “brand name” for top notch Indian hair that looks like the hair of numerous local Brazilians. Since the hair is not promptly gathered for religious purposes, bona fide virgin Brazilian hair very hard to get a hold of. Subsequently, the cost of Brazilian virgin hair has a tendency to be higher than numerous other hair sorts. Brazil is a nation that is ethnically various. Brazilian hair may be sourced from an assortment of individuals with different hereditary cosmetics. The Straight surfaces are not bone straight but rather has a tendency to have a few waves and flicks to it. This hair holds twists exceptionally well and tends to hold twists longer. It is vital to take note of that most Brazilian Hair are handled for surface.

Straight Hair: Malaysian straight hair comes in numerous hues. It can go from light cocoa to dull chestnut to about dark. The surface of virginMalaysian hair is regularly straight however it might likewise have slight waves at the time it is gathered from the first contributor. Straight hair is the most effortless to style and reacts to a great degree well to level iron molding, holding it’s position for a considerable length of time. At the point when newly pressed, this hair radiates a characteristic sheen giving it a crisp velvety look on numerous occasions. Make sure to utilize a conclusion piece with this hair to guarantee an impeccable look Brazilian straight hair is generally gathered from contributors who are of European plummet. The surface of this hair is exceptionally smooth and straight and can likewise be fine in composition. This kind of hair is awesome for making trim front wigs.

malaysian hair with brazilian hairWavy Hair: Malaysian wavy hair can be viewed as substantial or thick when contrasted and Brazilian hair however delicate and flimsy when contrasted and Chinese hair. It is to a great degree smooth and has a wonderful regular sparkle. Malaysian hair has a lovely wave design that mixes with medium and course surfaces. The wave example tends to hold up well in any condition. Malaysian wavy hair is awesome for ladies of African/Afro-Caribbean plunge. Brazilian wavy hair is to a great degree well known and is frequently found in the hair advertise today. This evaluation of Brazilian hair is thicker than Brazilian Straight hair and a great deal more wavy. This kind of hair can arrive in an assortment of common hues and is exceptionally impervious to the suns beams which is known not harm to hair when it is over presented to great daylight. With a mid to low radiance this hair is tough and will hold its normal wavy example for drawn out stretches of time.

Curly: Malaysian Curly Hair is thick, coarse and accompanies a tight however lavish twist design. Malaysian hair ought not be too firmly twisted as this is an indication that it may have been unnaturally treated with some twisting techniques that may have harmed the hair fingernail skin. Steam twisting permits the hair to accomplish a wavy example without adding unforgiving chemicals keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish the look. The twists on Malaysian hair hold exceptionally well without the requirement for extra twisting items or holding showers. Brazilian curly hair originates from the African relatives who were conveyed to Brazil. This gathering makes up an extensive piece of the Brazilian populace. Brazilian wavy hair is a standout amongst the most looked for after and flexible hair decisions in the business sector. It is coarse and substantial and is incredible on the off chance that you need thick and bouncy hair that will keep going for quite a while. This type of Brazilian hair is solid while staying delicate and wavy. The hair shading is normally light chestnut to dark and is actually sold in a body wave or firmly twisted surface.

Both Malaysian hair and Brazilian hair have delightful qualities and are superb options when acquired from the right supplier.

Choose jackets is not a easy thing

Motorcycle jackets come in many shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for classic black leather, or cool and stylish mesh jacket that match your bike they are readily available. It’s very essential to find the right motorcycle riding. Motorcycle jackets are made of leather and/or specialized man-made fabrics. These jackets always have heavy padding around this areas elbow, spine, and shoulders. Motorcycle Jackets should be made of a high quality leather and have heavy padding this protects you from abrasion and make them capable of protecting you in case of an accident.

A good motorcycle jacket must have the following things:
Padding of jacketsProper fitting
It’s always prudent to remember that you never wear this jackets standing up. Different bikes have different riding positions. What this means is that a jacket sleeves should always run a little long, the shoulders should have extra room, and it should come down a little so that between the bottom of your jacket and the top of your pants there’s no gap. Closures around the neck, waist, and wrists must be provided in any jacket.

Padding equals Protection. Most jackets have reinforced shoulders, backs, and elbows. This is extra material sown into these areas which often injured when crash takes place.

Liners and Vents
A removable liner is always the best. A thin insulate lining makes a jacket good and it’s able to go round the year.

Look for jackets that have inner pocket where you can put your cash, license, and wallet in. If outer pockets cannot be closed tight they are of little or no use. The best pockets are those that have cover-up flaps.

Reflective Material
A black leather jacket makes you look good however, they also make you unnoticeable. Piping is included on most jackets on the sleeves. Other manufactures make their logs reflective. Hence, when choosing your jacket choose that which has reflective material this increases your noticeability on the roads.

Summer Jackets
One jacket cannot suffice all the riding seasons. Jackets that are 100% cotton or lightweight are excellent for summertime riding. A black leather Jackets absorbs lots of heat and they do not breathe well, this type of jacket should be avoided during summertime. A good summer must keep the rider comfortable during hot days, while still providing adequate protection.

Winter Jackets
longer jacket than a waist-level is needed during winter when the weather turns out to be worse. Winter jackets are often cut below the hip, are heavily insulated and thick enough and some have reinforced padding.

Leather-Jackets-varietyOff-road Jackets
Off-road riding jackets guard more against inclement weather and not crash injuries. Off-roaders cannot have jacket that is thick and bulky this will hinder their mobility. All they need is a waterproof and lightweight jacket with pockets to stuff necessities.

Racing jackets
Racing motorcycle jackets should fit to the body and are lighter than other motorcycle jackets. For easy visibility these jackets usually come in bright colors.

Leather Jackets
High-grade leather jacket help in keeping your bodies skin while Jackets with armor plating protect riders from puncture wounds and road rash.

Care Tips Jackets
Leather jackets should always be Imm thick. Always check the seams and stitching when buying a leather jacket on the hems and lapels. Weatherproofing your leather jacket with oil or any other conditioner keeps it supple and looking sharp.

When buy a leather, it’s important to take note of its quality, thickness, and stitching. A heavyweight jacket will always last a lifetime. A paper-thin jacket might last only one crash. Good motorcycle jacket is able to reflect the personality of the rider however, this is not enough. Motorcyclists need protection from any road accident and the need to have high-quality, durable motorcycle jacket that is comfortable, fit well, and looks sharp cannot be underestimated A quality jacket is a must have for any motorist. While a jacket often reflects the rider’s personality, there are many more elements that one needs to take into consideration when acquiring a motorcycle jacket and not just good you will look in it. Protection, durability, comfortable fit, and quality are key things to consider when purchasing you’re motorcycle jacket.

Brazilian Hair Extensions Daily Maintenance Is Improtant

Brazilian hair extensions are feather light. It is not processed or colored hair. It is virgin hair and it holds up very good. Brazilian hair extensions have a coarser texture and blends well with African-American or medium Caucasian hair. It does not tangle and does not fall out like other hair extensions do. These extensions can be cold- washed weekly and still look great 3 months late. When you cold-wash your extensions, they will last longer if you wash them every 2 to 3 week. Do not apply heavy oils on them. When you shampoo your hair use a moisturizing conditioner. These extensions need to be air dried. Blow dryers dry the extensions out. These extensions are easier to maintain, when you just have to shampoo and use moisturizing conditioner. Customize your hair extensions anyway you would like to. These extensions do hold up to higher temperatures. Natural hair extensions can be blow dried, but extreme heat will dry the extensions out. You can use a curling iron one it, straighten it with a flat iron, dye with hair dye and style it just like it is your own hair.

What do we mean by Virgin Brazilian Hair?
Hair that has not been processed in anyway is called Virgin Hair. There is no chemical change in anyway. This hair come from one single person. The cuticles of the hair must run the same way and still be intact. This hair has not been around strong smells. Virgin Brazilian Hair is usually used around the face because, it is the highest quality of hair. According to the texture and color of your own hair, will make a difference how your virgin hair extensions will look. The cuticle is the delicate outer layer of a hair strand. Hair strands have a layered tube inside of them. Natural hair looks glossy and does not break unless it is damaged. Women want beautiful looking hair. They want to keep up with style trends.

Daily maintenance of your Brazilian Hair Extensions
bed time hairBedtime
Brush hair extensions before bed and before washing them. This prevents unwanted tangles. Do not brush extensions,while they are wet. If you brush them, it causes the follicles to fall out. Use a wide tooth comb or a detangling brush to comb out tangles. Brush or comb your hair from the bottom up, one small section at a time. To prevent tangles in your hair, it is best to put your hair up. Shampoo your hair several hours before bedtime. That allows your hair to air-dry and prevents tangles. Sleep with a satin cap. Braid, twist, or pin curl your hair before going to bed.

Shampoo and Conditioning Hair
It is time to shampoo your hair, if it is dry or heavy. You will want to use a sulfate free shampoo. Use warm water to wash brazilian hair, this maintains the health of the extensions. Use downward strokes to wash your hair extensions. You should not bunch the hair up. If you bunch the hair up, it will cause open cuticles to rub against each other and damages the hair. Rinse the hair after washing it. While your hair is wet, add 2-3 drops of Almond or Coconut oil. Put it on your hair evenly. Oil penetrates the hair cuticles and adds moisture to it. Natural oils protect the extensions and are safer than chemicals that are in conditioners. When you are done washing your hair, rinse it out with cold water. The cold water closes the cuticle off. This locks in nutrients that your scalp does not supply. This leaves you with bouncy and free moving extensions. Let your hair air dry. Heat can swell, dry, and damage your extensions. To make your extensions last longer, use a small amount of Almond or Coconut oil 2-3 times a week. If you have chemically treated your hair or you use irons on it, you need to use a deep conditioner or hot oil treatment twice a month. Do not use products that have sulfates, Isopropyl Alcohol, Formaldehyde, or Propylene Glycol. These strong chemicals can strip natural oils out of the hair and leave it damaged. Do not comb dry curls or you will cause the hair to frizz.

brazilian hair

Braid hair before swimming. Never wear a swimming cap. This could damage the hair. Wet your hair down with plain wet water before swimming. Rinse your hair out with plain water after swimming. Your extensions will soak up a lot of salt water and Chlorine, while you are swimming. Use a moisturizing shampoo and deep condition treatment, after swimming.

The Imortality of High Heels

Heels, the precious gift to women worldwide from the fairy gods, it’s almost as if they held a conference about the one thing they could gift ladies that would literally, drive them crazy to own. From history, it does not have a single source of origin but rather different societies had their own version of the high heeled shoes. Like in Medieval, Europe, the origin is traced back to Persian horse riders who wore them just for
functionality purposes and in ancient Rome and Greece, wooden platform sandals termed “buskins” were the in thing. It is rumored they were very famous even back then especially with actors and the one per-centers. But that’s enough history lessons for one day, let’s get back to heels.
For a shoe to be considered high heeled, the heel part has to be at least 25″ tall, that’s a low heel. A real high heal starts from 5 inches to even 7 inches. To further specify, they come in numerous styles which include wedge, stiletto, pump block and blade heels. Although nowadays they are only seen as women shoes, men also do get in the action thanks to Cuban heels and cowboy boots.
Perhaps the star of the heel family is the stiletto. Named directly after the long thin dagger, it has graced the feet of the high and mighty for generations and nearly all the A-list events that most of us would have a better shot at finding the key to immortality than a chance to be in attendance. Over the years, their fame grew tenfold but for very unconventional reasons. Women started recognizing them because of their sexual nature and not necessarily for the height boost. Thanks to the long blade like characteristic of the heel, they became the number one fetish item and also the main prop for the ladies in the pornographic and “exotic dancing” industry. A culture was soon established in that if a woman wanted to enhance her sexuality in the eyes of an admirer, her first choice would be high heeled shoes to accent her God given curves. With regards to their fashion nature, stilettos are one of the things that have that have the uncanny ability to withstand the hands of time. They were in fashion in the 1960s, they are in fashion now and- yes, you guessed it, and they will still be in fashion a decade from now.

high heelThe key that makes the heel’s immortality a certainty is actually quite simple, psychology. Although physically heels can be quite pretty and even breathtaking, they still have that psychological effect on an individual that will make the person fall in love with them. To women, High heels are a symbol of power, confidence and sexuality. To men, quite basically and truthfully said, a woman in heels is considered quite sexy. This is the main reason why companies like Prada and GUCCI have made a fortune making and selling them. The high end heels can go for more than even the price of two mid range cars, and if you think that is shocking, in seasons like valentines there is actually a shortage of these heels and the store shelves literally become ghost towns. This does not mean that they are only now reserved for the high and mighty, on, because the same companies also have budget heel lines that are quite affordable for the ordinary Jane and thanks to knock offs, a lady can get all the looks and glamour of a high end heel for a price that is next to nothing.
In Today’s fashion world, designers are still coming up with new high heel designs and perhaps the most popular of the bunch is the luxury designer from France Christian Louboutin’s red sole leather heels. As the name suggests, the heels have red soles and up to now, they sell by the dozen. Even A-lists from Hollywood went crazy over them. Today, it is next to impossible to go through a movie without seeing them featured.
To sum it all up, fashion high heels have the ability to transform any evening wear dress into a gorgeous state of the art master piece that would turn the lucky lady wearing them into the throbbing heart of the occasion. They are that gorgeous and powerful.

Knowing sorts of dresses decide right outfit for self

Dress makes a girl resemble a woman. Have you ever seen a girl that simply wearing the right sort of dress makes her resemble a woman as of now? I have seen a ton with that circumstance. Dresses have various types and sorts. Knowing the sorts of dresses will make you decide the right outfit for you. Talked about underneath is a few sort of dress for various types of circumstances.

Baby doll dress


Baby doll dress is casual yet charming. This dress has short sleeves and might be combined by shorts or leans. In the event that you are as of now a woman yet need to decrease your age by dressing up, you can pick this sort of dress. For forty years of age and up, you should not utilize this sort of dress since it will look clumsy.

Maxi dress will be dress with a domain waistline. This dress is exquisite and female, and can be utilized as a part of unique events. Maxi dress is extensive and conceals your entire legs. This dress is one of the most recent style patterns.

Wrap dress is a dress that has a V neck area and its length is for the most part in knee level. Be that as it may, the dress is wrapped around your body and ties along the edge of your waist. This is ideal for girls with a substantial waistline.

Realm cut dress

Realm cut dress is long and fits your body. Much the same as maxi dress, this kind of dress is exquisite and extremely refined. The dress can be worn on social gatherings and best embellished with the right pocket pack. Basic domain cut dress resembles a long outfit yet different plans have shorter hemline.

A-line dress has a restricted top and a wide base. Bridesmaid and ladies for the most part utilize this sort of dress. The dress is prevalent in light of the fact that it can fit anyone write yet gives an amazing standpoint. It can be utilized as a part of formal and casual events relying upon the outline of the A-line dress.

Flapper dress is ideal for all bash party due to its cheeky and coy style. The dress has dots and unsettles and it falls straight down the body. For tummy-cognizant ladies, this is the ideal dress for you. Be that as it may, flappers are for the most part outlined with short sleeves.

Simple Tips On How to purchase dress online
Internet shopping is a standout amongst the most helpful methods for shopping whatever you need. In this present day days, when you are occupied with your normal, you will discover it a gift to shop on the go regardless of where you are. It is constantly best to begin your inquiry online before you promptly settle on a buy choice.

The best online extravagant Dress shop will have an immense accumulation of outfits which you can purchase as per your taste. You don’t need to move starting with one store then onto the next to search for the right dress. You can undoubtedly change starting with one store then onto the next without squandering much time. You should simply switch the tabs and get over with the buy. The pictures showed let you see choices in complete point of interest. You can settle on a choice on the premise of what requests you. There are pictures, as well as item depictions too that clarify you about the outline fabric, configuration and embellishments. You can without much of a stretch zoom them out to check the dress from all points. You won’t be baffled with your buy.

Internet shopping lets you spare your time and cash while shopping. That implies you can likewise shop from your office. Everything you need is a web association and PC to finish your buy. The request will be conveyed to your doorsteps. You won’t need to stress over making courses of action or setting a unique day to go out and look for the sought product. You can make a buy the privilege from your cell phone even regardless of where you are. Web shopping is not plain and exhausting. A percentage of the online shops additionally offer customization This is an extraordinary open door in the event that you have chosen a specific dress however it is not accessible in your size. You can likewise include or drop a few elements in the dress to get it modified by taste. Albeit large portions of the disconnected from the net shops give this open door as well yet it is incredible to profit this advantage when you are making the buy on the web.

The online shops have composed everything into classes. Nothing can be superior to this sort of composed shopping. You can without much of a stretch hop to the significant classification so as to shop for whatever you are looking. Along these lines, whether it is superheroes ensemble, Halloween outfit, Christmas or some other subject, you can promptly make a buy of the dress that pulls in you.

Pick right dress, be the beauty princess

At the point when looking for young ladies garments you won’t not locate the right dress for your little princess and decide it’s an ideal opportunity to make your own. This can be something for them to wear at home, to a gathering or even to a formal occasion. Regardless of what your skill level arrives are some awesome thoughts on making an outfit for your little girl. Better as yet, making a dress for your kid can be a fun activity you can both appreciate. We’ve recorded a couple tips to kick your off.

Sorts of dresses
Contingent upon what the dress is for will rely on upon what sort of dress you make. It will likewise rely on upon how confident you are with your own dress making skills. There are some awesome thoughts for making the most straightforward play frocks to the most formal dresses. A few thoughts for a dress you could make include: a pixie princess dress, a fun play time frock dress and a ballet dancer outfit. These are generally simple to make. A pixie princess dress can be as basic as biting the dust a plain singlet and connecting a skirt you can make from tulle at the base. This should be possible by essentially assembling tulle and sewing it to flexible. Wings can be produced using coat holders and stockings and decorated with sparkle. A ballet performer dress is fundamentally the same to this. You might decide to utilize distinctive hues or even a some piece bathing suit bit of children’s apparel as the principle part of the ballet performer dress. That way you have something to work with and can go about basically making a skirt to circumvent the leotard or bathing suit. This can either be a flexible squandered skirt, or you can basically purchase some thick lace and sew a delicate fabric to it which can then be wrapped around and tied along the edge. The coverall dress can be made by taking after a basic example utilizing a solid fabric. These straightforward frocks are extraordinary for playing outside and painting.

Picking the right one
Let your little girl pick which one she might want you to make. When you recognize what you will have the capacity to make, let her pick which style she might want and the hues which will be utilized. This will make it all the all the more exciting for her.

Get your youngster included in the process
This is the best part. Let your youngster make accessories like a crown or staff to run with her new dress, on the off chance that she decides on the pixie princess plan. There are such a large number of fun activities like adding sparkle to the ballet performers skirt and making a lovely crown from cardboard and plastic gems. Getting her include will make the process a good time for both of you and something you can appreciate together. A decent dress can make your personality despite the fact that you might possibly be beautiful. On the off chance that you wear a beautiful dress in pleasant way with every other accessorie; it definitely makes you unique in other individuals’ eyes. You truly feel yourself confident and a feeling of satisfaction will emerge from your personality. Your fine and slick dress will unquestionably mirror the great taste of your personal trait. But remrember a fine dress may not necessarily be expensive. It might be shoddy yet it ought to be perfect and clean. The matter is one and the same that how would you convey it.

Fashion Dresses

To look and feel your definitive best you have to pick shrewdly. Everybody has figure blemishes yet it doesn’t mean you need to be disappointed. You can simply conceal them and give consideration more with respect to the body you are confident about. While looking for a beautiful dress remember your body sort. With the tips given underneath you can highlight and emphasize more on the positive and make light of the zones of the body not all that perfect.

1. For pear molded ladies, they should abstain from wearing short-length dresses. The dress ought not be shorter than an inch or two over the knee. To snatch the consideration far from your lower half, run for a dress with a plunging V-neck, bridle best or embellished neckline. Select an outfit with an A-line skirt however not something too full.

2. On the off chance that you are Apple formed with thick waist you have to extend the appearance of the middle to redirect the consideration from your waist. Pick a dress with empire-waist to re-characterize your waist line. Decide on a band belt threw low on your waist and entirely keep away from belts around your midsection.

3. On the off chance that you have a little bust then abstain from wearing profound neck dresses, they will make them appear significantly littler. Run for dresses with a scoop neck and sequins and different adornments to add measurements to the upper portion of your body. While in the event that you are best overwhelming then you should pick dresses with profound V necklines or strap tops. Select fabric that skims your body instead of tying it, it can make your busts look too huge.

With our supportive tips on making a dress for your little princess dream will move you while picking what to make and the vast majority of all, give you thoughts to have your minimal one included in the process!

Choosing quality Brazilian hair can be a challenging task

hair weave

Brazilian women are renowned in the world for their sensuality. So is Brazilian hair. The growing popularity of Brazilian hair extensions both in the beauty industry and among people who want to look beautiful is due its natural texture and color. Brazilian hair is thick and luscious and has a much sought after natural bounce to it. It comes in a variety of textures ranging from straight to soft curls,kinky curls and full-bodied waves which adds to its vibrant appeal. Real Brazilian hair,also called the Remy Virgin,has a bit of coarseness to its texture which resembles the hair
of colored women. The natural color ranges from dark to shades of brown.

1 Real Brazilian hair is very versatile. Owing to its natural bounce and fullness,you can mold it into any style you want. Brazilian hair can never look boring.
2 Brazilian human hair extensions comprise the cuticle layer of hair which accounts for its durability. It protects the hair form the UV rays of the sun and chemicals,preserving its luster.

Other hair extensions which are favorites in the beauty industry are Malaysian hair,Peruvian hair and Indian hair. Malaysian hair has a decadent feel and texture. It has a natural shine and is very silky. It is usually sleek and straight. When curly,the curls are more full-bodied than Brazilian curls. Virgin Malaysian hair handles color well just like its Brazilian counterpart.

If youve always wished to have long and luscious hair,Peruvian hair is a good option for you. It is one of the most exotic hair types in the world. It’s silky,soft texture is most coveted Another popular hair type which has taken the fashion and beauty industry by storm,is the Indian hair. Natural Indian hair is lustrous and bodacious. It is usually jet black with a natural sheen. The Indian diet containing a variety of essential minerals,vitamins and omega-3 fatty acid(from fish) accounts for the superior quality of this hair. Natural Indian hair can be expensive since it is derived from real human hair donated at temples in India as an offering to God.

Choosing quality Brazilian hair can be a challenging task. Because of its close resemblance with Indian hair,some dealers may dupe you into buying Indian hair instead of Brazilian hair. Beware of the synthetic counterpart as it can be difficult to differentiate it from the real Remy Virgin
Here’s a step to step guide:
1 Examine the texture of the extension while buying. Synthetic hair is flossy and has an unnatural shine. Virgin Brazilian hair,on the contrary,is not as silky. Rather it has a certain coarseness to it which is typical of natural human hair.
2 The wash test: Real Brazilian hair stays curly even when wet while the synthetic ones tend to straighten out a bit due to washing away of chemicals with which they are treated. Synthetic hair will lose its color on washing.
3. The flame test: A cigarette lighter in all you need. Take the strand of hair and hold it in the flame. If it instantly burns with a big flame,youve got the fake one. Synthetic extensions are highly inflammable. Real Brazilian hair just singes off with a lot a smoke.

While choosing hair extensions,you have to keep in mind what’s best for your natural hair type and color. Remy can be single-drawn or double-drawn. Single drawn extensions are not sorted throughout the length. So all the hair are not of equal length. Double-drawn extensions on the other hand,are sorted out throughout the length of the strand and all the hair are of uniform length. So if you are looking for a layered or curly look,you should choose the single drawn extension. But if you want a sleek and straight hairdo,double drawn should be your call.

Keep in consideration the color of your natural hair as Virgin Brazilian extensions usually come in black or dark brown shades and it might not blend well if your hair is of some other shade. In that case,synthetic extensions would be a better choice.